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About Denée T. Mwendwa, PhD

Dr. Mwendwa is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Howard University.  She has a specialization in health psychology with a focus on chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and the biopsychosocial sequelae that increase the risk for CVD in African Americans. Her goals are to reduce risk and influence the overall treatment of the disease. Current research projects examine the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors associated with the prevention and treatment of CVD risk in African Americans and other minority populations. Dr. Mwendwa is also collaborating with other research scholars in the areas of CVD and cognitive aging, mindfulness and stress reduction in African Americans, as well as the influence of psychoneuroimmunology on health and disease. 

The hallmark of Dr. Mwendwa's approach to spiritual, psychological, and physical health is recognizing and embracing the unique experiences of all people and incorporating these experiences to promote wellness.  She is committed to the University's mission to produce graduates who are dedicated to the "discovery of solutions to human problems in the United States and throughout the world." Dr. Mwendwa is dedicated to the betterment of the human experience through research, training, and education in the field of psychology and related disciplines. 

Dr. Mwendwa is a graduate of Howard University, earning her Ph.D. in the field of Clinical Psychology. 

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