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The Health Promotion and Risk Reduction Research Center

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Our Mission

At HealthPARC we conduct collaborative research to understand the role that psychological, social, spiritual, and biological factors play in the development, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease in minority populations across the lifespan. We also investigate the role of cardiovascular disease in cognitive function and renal function. Founded in 2008 by Drs. Mwendwa and Thomas, HealthPARC is committed to using information learned from qualitative and quantitative research to develop interventions and treatments that prevent, reduce, and/or eliminate the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and its sequelae. HealthPARC is located in the Department of Psychology on the campus of Howard University, in Washington, DC.

Our Vision

We envision a minority community who embraces wellness

by making lifestyle choices that prevent disease and promote health


Our Research Team

Denée T. Mwendwa, Ph.D.Principal Investigator

Olga Herren, M.S., Graduate Student

Victor L. Jones Jr., M.S., Graduate Student 

Keri F. Kirk, M.S.Graduate Student 

Kanesha Simmons, M.S.,Graduate Student

Breanna Beard, B.A., Graduate Student

Danyella Greene, M.S., Graduate Student

Sharlene Leong, M.S., Graduate Student

Our Research Partners

Regina C. Sims-Wright, Ph.D., Univ. of Delaware School of Nursing 

Clive O. Callender, M.D., Howard Univ. School of Medicine
Alfonso L. Campbell, Ph.D., Howard Univ. Dept. of Psychology

Georgia Dunston, Ph.D., Howard Univ. Cancer Center

Terrance Fullum, M.D., Howard Univ. Dept. of Surgery

Camara Jules Harrell, Ph.D., Howard Univ. Dept. of Psychology

Michael Lipscomb, Ph.D., Howard Univ. Dept. of Biology

Teletia Taylor, Ph.D., Howard Univ. Cancer Center

Cynthia Winston-Proctor, Ph.D., Howard Univ. Dept. of Psychology