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The Health Promotion and Risk Reduction Research Center

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Our Research Team

Denee Thomas Mwendwa, Ph.D.
Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Mwendwa is an Associate Professor at Howard University in the Department of Psychology. Her research interests focus on the biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors that contribute to Cardiovascular/Renal diseases and overall health and wellness. She is also interested in mindfulness-based interventions to help promote spiritual, psychological and physical health. She advises both undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in Clinical Health Psychology, Neuropsychology, Behavioral Health, and Cognitive Aging and Health.

Regina C. Sims, Ph.D.
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Sims is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Delaware. She examines the impact of health factors on variability in cognitive function in African Americans. She has also investigated how demographic and psychosocial influences such as education, social support, personality traits, and stress may contribute to within-group variability in cognitive aging. 

Olga Herren, M.S., Neuropsychology Graduate Student
Curriculum Vitae
Research interests include biopsychosocial and spiritual correlates of cognitive function in under represented populations.

Victor Lamarr Jones Jr., M.S., Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

Research interests include examining the biopsychosocial correlates of CVD and cognitive functioning in African Americans.

Keri F. Kirk, M.S., Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

Research interests include examining the biopsychosocial determinants of exercise adherence for the purposes of CVD and obesity prevention in African Americans.

Kanesha Simmons, M.S., Clinical Psychology Graduate Student 
Research interests include examining the relationship between CVD and neurocognitive functioning.